Lenda Pet Food

Why Choose Lenda?

Lenda is very high quality super premium pet food for cats and dogs.

It is made from natural and holistic products which is why we say Lenda is naturally good.

High Quality Natural Ingredients

At Lenda we understand that our pets deserve the very best which is why we only use high quality natural ingredients in our recipes.

Human Grade Ingredients

These carefully selected natural ingredients (all human grade) help pets maintain a healthy metabolism.

Holistic Food

Lenda does not contain any artificial colours, preservatives or flavours, using only the organoleptic and nutritional properties derived from natural ingredients.

Natural Additives

Lenda contains probiotics which keep your pet´s digestive system running optimally as well as improving skin and coat appearance.

Galician Product

In Lenda we use raw materials from the Galician lands and coasts.

Made in Spain


Lenda Pet Food

Lenda original and Lenda Nature were created in 2013, at a young and upcoming company, with the idea of doing something new and nutritionally different for cats and dogs. We aim to indulge your best friend by offering tasty recipes with the best nutrients available.

We seek excellence in all raw materials and they are submitted to strict quality controls. They must all be of human grade, NOT genetically modified and contain NO hormones. On arriving at our facilities, we thoroughly re-test all products for consistent quality and safety and if they do not meet our criteria, they are discarded.

We strive to ensure that each and every one of the natural ingredients that we use in our recipes fulfill the dietary objective of making the most of the organoleptic and nutritional properties. For this reason, the “Holistic” seal is included on our packaging. In addition, we do not use preservatives or artificial flavours, which marks us as one of the most balanced and healthy pet foods within the Natural ranges.

Natural is healthy, Holistic is health

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